Friday, November 5, 2010

Testimonial ~Breast Cancer~

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My Mother had undergone chemo to no avail, it only made her feel worse. She continued to feel bad even off the chemo. Constant nausea, pain, off balance when she walks and could barely eat.

She spoke to Master Shin and made an appointment to see him. He sat down with her and wanted to know exactly what her cancer treatment entailed. As he questioned her I could see he was looking to see just how much of an assault her immune system had been under due to the harsh Chemotherapy.

He told her he needed to work on her stomach issues for one, so that she could eat in order to rebuild her immune system. As he started to work on her he touched her neck and told her the tightness in her neck was causing the stomach issues. I didn't understand how he made that connection but when he applied pressure to an area on her neck he did in fact cause nausea which proved to me there was a connection and that he was correct in saying the tension in her neck caused the nausea.

That night was the first time in a LONG time that she ate a normal size meal and did not have any nausea after the meal!

The bone pain that she has Master Shin worked on also. As he would touch her he would ask does that hurt. She would reply yes. He would then treat that area with Ki and then touch it again and ask if she still had pain and she would reply no. Kind of hard to believe I guess to anyone reading, but if you have pain and have the treatment their is no doubt in my mind you will see and feel results the first treatment.

My mothers tumor was rock hard when she first saw Master Shin. He has been working on it and it has softened. Our ultimate goal is to have the tumor gone but while we wait to see those results we are happy that her quality of life has dramatically improved.

She had insomnia for YEARS and now she is sleeping through the night and only getting up once during the night to use the bathroom. That alone is a miracle. God is working through Master Shin. I read a Published Scientific Study on Ki at Master Shin's office. Ki IS Scientific - and if you read the study you will see that. My hope is that the American Cancer Society will someday take some of the donations they receive and use it to fund Alternative Medicine, and Ki Energy would certainly be worth the American Cancer Society looking into. If you decide to go to Master Shin, you will meet a man who is very kind, loves God, and has a passion to help people get well. Please keep an open mind if you are suffering with pain and see him even if only one visit. That one visit will be proof because you will see and feel results even after the first visit. God bless you Master Shin.

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