Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The year of 2011--The mass production of sicker people is becoming realistic

 The mass production of cars and many daily needs made our life comfortable in the 20 century.  However, in the 21st century, we are producing the mass production of not cars, but sick people.  If we do not take care of ourselves very carefully today, almost all of us get serious sickness in near future.

If you use smart phones/cell phones, for an example, you are constantly being damaged by electromagnetic pollution.  The smart phone itself is not much of damage, but because of constant usage of many electric-magnetic field gadgets in our daily life, the usage of smart phones or cell phones become quite damage to our health.

In addition, if you drive an electric car, which is thought to be nature friendly, but human unfriendly. In fact it is quite dangerous to our health. This is why.  When you are driving an electric car, you are exposed to very strong electromagnetic pollution coming from a huge battery in the car.   Therefore, the longer you drive, the higher the chance of getting serious sickness. 

Be careful.  Nobody is taking responsibility for your health.  You have to become smart enough to avoid these machines as much as possible.

Hope that 2012 will become a healthy year for all of us.

Master Shin
Ki(Qi)-Energy Healing Therapy

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Testimonial---Liver Problem

 Mr. A.P. 35yrs old, Brooklyn NY

  I came to master Shin with a liver pain. I am a personal fitness trainer and I could not even workout because of that pain! I don't like to use medications because I know some of them may bring side effects. I was also interested to try that ki energy therapy because I myself practiced reiki and acupuncture and I believe those approaches work.
I only seen master Shin three times and now I'm pain free in my liver! I don't know how that works but looks like the therapy worked on me. Master Shin's approach makes a lot of sense and I am sure many people can benefit from it even from the educational side.
Thanks master Shin for helping me to get rid of my pain!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just on time for the Holiday season-New video: How to get rid of heartburn

New video has been uploaded on Youtube.
In this video, Master Shin talks about "heartburn", also known as "acid indigestion".

He teaches you how to get rid of heartburn using very simple Shiatsu Technique.
A lot of people must need the information especially in this holiday season!

He also talks about the mechanism of heartburn. Very simple, easy to understand.
Stomach is made of muscles.
When you play sports, and if your muscles are tight, you can't perform well, right?
The same thing can happen to your stomach.
If you don't take good care of your stomach(ex; eat too much and go to bed right after),
your stomach muscles becomes tight.
To cover the muscles' function, your stomach have to produce more acid to digest the food,
then you get heartburn from "too much acid".

So. If you  are able to loosen up the muscle, your stomach won't have to secrete excess acid, therefore no heartburn.

The Shiatsu will take about 3~5 minutes.
It's worth a try before taking any chemicals to mask the problems!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
Japanese-American Wellness Institute

Monday, November 28, 2011

DIY~Natural Spine Alignment~ New Video on Youtube!

New video has been uploaded on Youtube.

In this video, Master Shin talks about the importance of aligned spine, and also shares an easy & economical way to keep your spine aligned.

All you need is a pair of tennis balls and duct tape!!
Try today and let us know what you think about it.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Highlight of Japan Trip(2)~Acute Lower Back Pain~

  My wife was having a lunch with her high school friend, Ms K in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Ms K had a history of sciatica and chronicle pain in her lower back.   

  While they were having lunch, Ms M suddenly claimed acute pain in her lower back and became unable to move.  Instead of calling ambulance, my wife called me for help.  

   I went there and tried to reduce her pain right away in a crowded restaurant.  After ten minutes, her pain was reduced to a level where she was able to stand up and walk.  We got out of the restaurant and went to an open area of nearby department store where I could touch and infuse Ki-(Qi)Energy from her back. 

   After 15 minutes of Ki(Qi)-Energy Healing Therapy in the department store, all her pain as well as uneasy feeling was gone. 
After coming back to US, we received a thank you e-mail in which she stated that she had no more pain at all since my therapy.   

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Japan trip---some highlights (1)

I visited my home country, Japan last month from October 13th to 26th. During the short stay, I was able to treat many people with many complicated problems. I would like to share some of the highlights.

(1) 64 yrs old gentleman with Esophagus Cancer(with other problems) 

  He first had esophagus cancer which later metastasized to the brain.  Though he got surgery and chemotherapy, nothing could stop the cancer spreading up.  He lost 50lb and given up by doctors.

  When I met him and his wife, it was clear in my eyes that he was losing a battle.
I explained to them what I could do to deal with his cancer.  
I also explained that our bodies are much stronger and more capable of fighting any kind of diseases and sicknesses than what many medical professionals’ believe if we can maximize our immune system. 

  I asked him if any other immediate concerns he wanted me to take care other than cancer.
His request was (1) reduce pain in his head (2) bringing back his heart to normal level, (3) stop diarrhea. 
After completing the first Ki energy session, pain in his head became small, and after the second session his heart became normal and diarrhea stopped.
After the second session he wanted to walk with me to the railroad station (about 1 mile away).  As soon as he started walking he recognized the disappearance of heart problem and completed the distance with no problem.  

  In addition to 1 hour of direct Ki-Energy Therapy, Ki-Energy induced patches and the method of withdrawing heavy metals out of his body were administered every day. 
As the therapy progressed, his energy level was climbing up.  

  On the 5th day of the therapy, when I visited his house, I saw him cleaning in front of his house.  “ I got energy that is why I am doing this” according to him, i.e., clear sign of improvement.
I provided a total of 8 therapy sessions in 10 days.
2 days after I came back from Japan I received an e- mail from his wife.  

“CT scan was taken yesterday. It showed not only the growth of cancer was stopped, but also shrinkage of the tumor was observed.  Thank you, thank you very, very much”

Now, he keeps indirect therapy(Ki-Infused patches) everyday, and is looking forward to go to a trip for high school reunion next year.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Testimonial-- "My Mother's Cancer" from Ms M

   My Mother had undergone chemo to no avail, it only made her feel worse. She continued to feel bad even off the chemo. Constant nausea, pain, off balance when she walks and could barely eat.
   She spoke to Master Shin and made an appointment to see him. He sat down with her and wanted to know exactly what her cancer treatment entailed. As he questioned her I could see he was looking to see just how much of an assault her immune system had been under due to the harsh Chemotherapy. He told her he needed to work on her stomach issues for one, so that she could eat in order to rebuild her immune system. As he started to work on her he touched her neck and told her the tightness in her neck was causing the stomach issues. I didn't understand how he made that connection but when he applied pressure to an area on her neck he did in fact cause nausea which proved to me there was a connection and that he was correct in saying the tension in her neck caused the nausea.
   That night was the first time in a LONG time that she ate a normal size meal and did not have any nausea after the meal! The bone pain that she has Master Shin worked on also. As he would touch her he would ask does that hurt. She would reply yes. He would then treat that area with Ki and then touch it again and ask if she still had pain and she would reply no. Kind of hard to believe I guess to anyone reading, but if you have pain and have the treatment their is no doubt in my mind you will see and feel results the first treatment. My mothers tumor was rock hard when she first saw Master Shin. He has been working on it and it has softened. Our ultimate goal is to have the tumor gone but while we wait to see those results we are happy that her quality of life has dramatically improved. She had insomnia for YEARS and now she is sleeping through the night and only getting up once during the night to use the bathroom. That alone is a miracle. God is working through Master Shin. I read a Published Scientific Study on Ki at Master Shins office. Ki IS Scientific - and if you read the study you will see that. 
   My hope is that the American Cancer Society will someday take some of the donations they receive and use it to fund Alternative Medicine, and Ki Energy would certainly be worth the American Cancer Society looking into. If you decide to go to Master Shin, you will meet a man who is very kind, loves God, and has a passion to help people get well. Please keep an open mind if you are suffering with pain and see him even if only one visit. That one visit will be proof because you will see and feel results even after the first visit. God bless you Master Shin.

If you have any questions, please contact us!
Phone: 201-447-7040

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SAVE THE DATE! Next Seminar/Meetup on September 10th!

The next seminar is coming in 2 weeks!!

Date: September 10th
Time: 10am~11:30am
Location: Ki(Qi)-Energy Healing Therapy Clinic Office
151 W. Passaic Street, Rochelle Park, NJ
Fee: $20

The seats are limited, so please call (201) 447-7040 to secure your spot!

This will be a great opportunity for those who are skeptical about Energy Healing.

Ki(Qi)-Energy Healing Therapy doesn't use any drugs or surgery or whatsoever.
Master Shin will locate your problems by Shiatsu method, and withdraw Ki-Energy from the universe to infuse to the area.

If you have been suffering from chronic pain or illness, please try this workshop!

If you have any questions, please contact via email or phone.
Phone: 201-447-7040

Also visit our website for more information!

Friday, June 24, 2011

SAVE THE DATE! Next Meetup on September 10th!

We just scheduled the next meet up on September 10th!
It might be a little too far away from now, but please mark on your schedule book!

If you have pain in any part of your body, please try Ki-Energy Therapy.
We know you are skeptical, and this Meetup is people like you!
Master Shin will explain what Ki-Energy Therapy is, how it works, and will demonstrate on some participants.

Bring your family and friends!
To RSVP, visit our page

Have a great summer, everyone!

Ki-Energy Therapy

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Most dangerous side effect nobody teaches you

Please read this article.

"Side Effects? These Drugs Have A Few" By Gina Kolata (NY Times June 4th, 2011)Link

As I have been saying loudly that if you take any medicines continuously more than two weeks, you build up many dangerous side effects as the doctor mentioned in this article.

However, the most dangerous side effect nobody teaches you is to brainwash of your brain i.e., your brain becomes unable to detect neither your problem nor curing it.

Our brain is designed to detect a problem and try to cure it, but if you take too much help from medicines such as continuous intake of it, the brain gives up its capability and becomes medicine dependent.

Next step you take is an additional medicine to cover additional side effects you face, and on and on.

If you have questions about Ki-Energy Healing Therapy

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WHO says Cell Phones may cause cancer

On Tuesday, May 31st 2011, WHO announced that Cell Phones "MAY" raise risk of brain cancer.
The news has been all over the places today, so you may have seen on TV and/or papers already.

Okay, it's dangerous to use the cell phone now. But you all need it, don't you?
There are a couple of options to reduce the risk of the EMF radiation.

1) Use less and use earpieces when available to reduce the time and amount of the radiation. Some news said "text instead", but I am not sure about it. The land line is safer, so try to use it when you are at home or workplace.

2) Neutralize the EMF waves. If you block the waves, it will interfere the connection. But if you neutralize, your connection level stays the same. Sounds cool, right?
The little sticker(about 1 inch diameter) can do a great work for you, so try them today!
To purchase, please follow the link HERE

If cell phones are dangerous for brain, how about microwaves, hair dryers, computers, TVs and other electronics? THEY ARE DANGEROUS TOO! Don't be close to them when you have to use them. Neutralizer is recommended for all the electronics in your house or workplace.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NEW VIDEO~~The secret of quick cure for Sciatica and lower back problmes~

New video has been uploaded on youtube!
Carol, a lady from New Jersey, was suffering from Sciatica for long time, and she found Master Shin on the internet....Please have a look at the video, and listen to her experience on her own words....

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


After hit by 9.0 scales earthquake followed by gigantic Tsunami, hundreds of thousand of houses are destroyed or washed out, and tens of thousand people are dead or missing in Northern part of Japan.

Then, the nuclear disaster crippled the power structure, and damaged the economic system in Japan.
Japan today is humanely and economically facing the worst time since World War II

In order to help Japan, I have decided to voluntarily provide “Ki energy Therapy” for those who have pain and suffering.

For an exchange I would like to ask to donate whatever the amount you can to help those people suffering in Japan
The Ki-Energy has a remarkable effect not only to get rid of pain, but also heal almost any injuries and/or disease quickly without using any drugs. For more information please refer to my home page

Place; 151 West Passaic St. Room-8, Rochelle Park NJ 07662

Date: Wednesday and Saturday afternoon

How: Call (201)447-7040 or contact through e-mail【】for an appointment.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Video "Natural Cure for Herniated Discs and Asthma(COPD)"

This video was posted on January 26, 2011.
In this video, John from Upstate New York talks about his experience with Master Shin.
He was hit by a car about 5 years ago, and has been suffering from the injuries in his back.
He says he tried many kinds of treatments, but none worked for him.
Then through the internet, he found the website of Master Shin(, and became interested in his therapy.

He took a 5-hour bus ride, and saw Master Shin.
John says that not only his pain decreased, his asthma(COPD) condition got a lot better.

He comes to Master Shin's NY office every month to maintain his regained balance.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SAVE THE DATE! The first Meetup of this year!

The first Meetup of this year!
This time, it will be at our NJ office.
It is always good to have new people who are interested in alternative solutions for their health conditions, so if you have never joined the meetup, please come join us to find out what Ki-Energy Healing Therapy is all about.

Date: Feb. 26th, Saturday
Time: 10am~
Location: Ki-Energy Healing Therapy NJ office
151 West Passaic Street, Rochelle Park, NJ 07652
(please refer the map below)
Fee: $20.00

Seats are limited, so please RSVP at our meetup page !

If you have any questions, please contact us

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Video "Natural Cure for Diabetes and Joint Problems"

New video is up on youtube now.
In this video, a real person, Arline from Clifton, NJ, talks about her experience with Master Shin.
Initially she came to Master Shin for her problems with her knees.
When Master Shin found her condition about her diabetes(type 2), he fixed that problem too.
She said her blood sugar went down dramatically.

Please take a look, and let us know what you think.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

About Me

The first time I encountered the genuine Ki-energy was more than 38 years ago when I severely strained my shoulder playing baseball. Though I visited many doctors and other professionals such as physical therapists, acupuncture and shiatsu, none of the treatments worked. Then, I met Ki-energy healer. I could hardly believe on what he does, but I had to give a try because every other methods failed. He touched my shoulder for 30 minutes and said, “You will have no pain in a couple of days.” Believe it or not, the pain was really gone from my shoulder. Since then, I became a true believer of “Ki-energy”. For my graduate work at Ithaca College, I did a scientific research on “Ki” and wrote a thesis called “The Effect of Ki-Ai in Force Production”. Since my study was the first ever done in USA, the effects of Ki power has been tested in many universities. Later, I was involved in a car accident and became disable to walk.This time again, no medical professionals could help. So, I decided to master the Ki-energy myself. I tried and finally got back to as healthy as I used to be. After I overcame my problem, I started to heal others who have pain.