Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Video "Natural Cure for Herniated Discs and Asthma(COPD)"

This video was posted on January 26, 2011.
In this video, John from Upstate New York talks about his experience with Master Shin.
He was hit by a car about 5 years ago, and has been suffering from the injuries in his back.
He says he tried many kinds of treatments, but none worked for him.
Then through the internet, he found the website of Master Shin(www.jawellness.com/kienergy), and became interested in his therapy.

He took a 5-hour bus ride, and saw Master Shin.
John says that not only his pain decreased, his asthma(COPD) condition got a lot better.

He comes to Master Shin's NY office every month to maintain his regained balance.

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Charlortte Luis said...

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