Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Video- Cause of Cancer--Pt. 1 EMF Pollution from iPad, iPhone, MP3 player and other electrical gadgets

New video has been uploaded to our Youtube Channel.
In this video, Master Shin talks about the danger of EMF pollution.

He and his wife recently purchased iPad 2, and they were really enjoying the convenience of it.
But after a few days, Master Shin felt negative energy coming in from his finger tip,
and his wife started struggling from acute neck pain.
They he figured that every time he touches the screen, he is directly exposed to EMF, and that was causing his wife's neck pain.

EMF damages our body by lowering the immune system. This is why bees are disappearing from areas where cell phone towers are built. The researches say they've got sick and died, but why did they get sick?

He tells you to use those gadgets as little as possible to minimize the exposure to EMF because you might be using computers for work and school for long hours during the day already.

We have "Neutralizers" available for those who would like to minimize the emission from your electrical machines.

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