Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Unnecessary Spine Surgery

I received a call from a Japanese lady in December last year. She said “Though my husband got lower back surgery twice, he still can not walk. He has been saying if this condition can not be improved, I would like to die. Can you help him?”

According to her, he was convinced (more likely brainwashed) by an orthopedic surgeon that he had to have a surgery because his discs in the lower back area was worn out. The doctor insisted that without surgery he would not be able to walk. So, he went for a surgery. After the surgery, he started having a sever pain every day for not a few weeks but months. However, the doctor insisted that the surgery was successful and prescribed pain killers. His condition remained the same but the dosage and strength of pain killer increased a lot. After taking more like narcotic pain killer every day for many weeks, he lost appetite, could not sleep and become like a zombie. He went to Japan and received the second surgery at the Kobe university hospital. He stayed there more than 2 months to make sure that all toxic materials were out of his body. He then came back to NYC.
I asked him to come to my office, but he said that he could not walk or drive a car.
So, I started to visit his home from the beginning of this year and have provided Ki(Qi)-Energy Therapy. By touching his body the first time, I right away found that the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems, organs function, hormonal balance, blood and lymphatic circulation, everything was not functions properly at all. I understood that if I had his condition on the top of pain, I would not be interested in living this world any more.
As the therapy progressed, his condition also improved dramatically. After the second week, he could go out for walk. And this week, he cancelled the therapy due to fulfilling his staff’s day off work. “I do not think that you are ready to go to work” I said to him. He replied “I think I can do it. Because, I have energy”
God, Thank you. Thank you for your support.
PS --- It is nothing abnormal to have worn out discs when we get old. In fact, I almost have no discs between L-3, 4, and 5, however, no problem dealing with daily work. Lower back problems including sciatica are mainly caused by the deviation of spine not by worn out discs. Therefore, by correcting them, we can easily get back healthy low back. We definitely do not need any surgeries at all

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tahera said...

I think taking pain killers for a long period can be very harmful. Thank you for sharing the therapy and the symptoms and the pain caused. Great job. Spine Surgeons NJ

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