Wednesday, March 4, 2015

New YouTube Video ~Natural Cure for Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome~

We posted a new video on YouTube about Fibromyalgia / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
In this video, Master Shin teaches you 4 main causes of Fibromyalgia and CFS.
Cause 1: Excess deposit of toxic materials---This includes Mercury, Aluminum, Asbestos and so forth.
Cause 2: Malfunction of nerve system
Cause 3: Tightness of organ muscles
Cause 4: Hormonal secretion
By correcting these causes, you can get your health back. Master Shin first uses finger pressure technique (Shiatsu) along side of the 12 meridians(energy channel), and then utilize Ki-Energy to fix the problems.

Master Shin also talks about the importance of stop taking medications.
If the medication is working to cure the condition, you won't need it once your condition gets better.
But if the condition comes back when you stop taking them, your medication is simply masking your condition.

This is a very informative video not only for people with FM / CFS.

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The first time I encountered the genuine Ki-energy was more than 38 years ago when I severely strained my shoulder playing baseball. Though I visited many doctors and other professionals such as physical therapists, acupuncture and shiatsu, none of the treatments worked. Then, I met Ki-energy healer. I could hardly believe on what he does, but I had to give a try because every other methods failed. He touched my shoulder for 30 minutes and said, “You will have no pain in a couple of days.” Believe it or not, the pain was really gone from my shoulder. Since then, I became a true believer of “Ki-energy”. For my graduate work at Ithaca College, I did a scientific research on “Ki” and wrote a thesis called “The Effect of Ki-Ai in Force Production”. Since my study was the first ever done in USA, the effects of Ki power has been tested in many universities. Later, I was involved in a car accident and became disable to walk.This time again, no medical professionals could help. So, I decided to master the Ki-energy myself. I tried and finally got back to as healthy as I used to be. After I overcame my problem, I started to heal others who have pain.