Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eat This!!!---1. Bitter Melon

It sure is BITTER. But as we Japanese say "good medicine tastes bitter in mouth(良薬口に苦し)", this bitter melon is great for your health.

Bitter melon boosts your immune system.

The original home of Bitter Melon is not known, but it's widely grown in China, India, southeast Asia, and south America where the weather is tropical or semi-tropical.

If you do some research or "google" Bitter Melon, you can find a lot of articles.
It seems like the greatness of this fruit is still not revealed fully.
But it's known that Bitter Melon can boost your immune system for 3-5 hrs when you eat it fresh.
you don't have to eat too much every time. Take the seeds out, and eat a inch or two every time.
You can make it to thin slices and put some salad dressings if it's too bitter.
The point is, you have to eat it FRESH.

It works great to stay away from flu or cold.
As we get older, our immune system is prone to weakened.
So, I suggest elders to take it regularly.

You can find it at Asian(Chinese to be more specific) markets.

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Big Joe said...

Why do things that are good for you nearly always taste so bad!

Still, what works is what is important.

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