Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Eat This!!!---2. Cilantro

It has been reported that there might be a strong connection between Autism and mercury.
Even though it has not been proved yet, people became more aware of the risk of the heavy metals in our body.

It seems really easy to take heavy metal nowadays.
When we drink soda, the can is made of aluminum.
When we cook, the pan may be made of iron.
When we eat tuna, it is known that tuna has big amount of mercury.
When we just walk around, we are inhaling air that has lead from cars and so forth...
There are so many ways to take heavy metals that it seems almost impossible to live without taking it.

The scary thing about those metals is that they stay in your body and pile up, then start doing bad things for you(I will post about those negative effects in another article), but there is not so much talk how to get rid of it.

Cilantro is the answer.
Of course this herb has other great effects, but it has been reported that cilantro(A.K.A. coriander) can remove the body of heavy metals(Discovered by Dr Yoshiaki Omura).

You can eat it raw, which is more common in Mexican or Asian cooking, but to eat more, you may want to eat it boiled. Also, the vitamin C in it may interrupt the effect of cilantro, so I will recommend to cook it.

If you are healthy, you don't to have to eat large amount, but if you feel something is wrong, you should eat more.
Ki-Energy Therapy can guide the effect of cilantro to the organs that need it it the most, so you can maximize the effect.

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