Friday, May 21, 2010

Unknown Danger (1): Sleeping Position

Most people believe that if you have a firm and/or expensive bed, you can get a good and healthy sleep.
It is not always true.
You may be able to get a good sleep, but it may not be a healthy sleep unless your sleeping position is correct.

Almost all women and some men come to me for Ki(Qi)-Energy Therapy sleep on their side.

This is not only bad but rather dangerous.

By sleeping on your side, you create a big gap between your spine and the bed especially around lower back and neck.
This is one of the most unknown causes of deviating spine.
On the other hand, if you sleep with face up position, there is no unnecessary gap between your back and bed.
Your spine is almost parallel to your bed with optimal space around your lower back and neck areas.

If you sleep face up position, chance of having problems by the time of waking up becomes minimal unless you get a nightmare.

There are so many people waking up with stiff shoulder, headache, irregular heart beat, numbness of fingers, pain in low back and many other problems.

I know that it may not be easy for you to change your sleeping position since your have been doing it for a long period of time. However, this is one of the most important unknown factors to prevent your problem because deviated spine causes more than 200 so called incurable diseases.


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