Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Save the date!! Upcoiming Seminar on Sep 4th

Next Seminar is set on September 4th!!

Save the date, and reserve your spot on our meetup page(http://www.meetup.com/therapy-8/calendar/13759396/).

Any injuries and illnesses can be cured if treat them correctly.
It means no medicines and surgery.

Ki-Energy power makes it quite possible.

If you or someone you know is suffering with pain please come to this meetup.

Date/Time: September 4th(Saturday) 10:00AM

Location: Ki-Energy Healing Therapy NJ Office

151 West Passaic St. 2nd FL., Rochelle Park, NJ 07662

(Corner of W. Passaic and Berdan St.)

Fee: $20/person

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us

J-A Wellness Institute




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About Me

The first time I encountered the genuine Ki-energy was more than 38 years ago when I severely strained my shoulder playing baseball. Though I visited many doctors and other professionals such as physical therapists, acupuncture and shiatsu, none of the treatments worked. Then, I met Ki-energy healer. I could hardly believe on what he does, but I had to give a try because every other methods failed. He touched my shoulder for 30 minutes and said, “You will have no pain in a couple of days.” Believe it or not, the pain was really gone from my shoulder. Since then, I became a true believer of “Ki-energy”. For my graduate work at Ithaca College, I did a scientific research on “Ki” and wrote a thesis called “The Effect of Ki-Ai in Force Production”. Since my study was the first ever done in USA, the effects of Ki power has been tested in many universities. Later, I was involved in a car accident and became disable to walk.This time again, no medical professionals could help. So, I decided to master the Ki-energy myself. I tried and finally got back to as healthy as I used to be. After I overcame my problem, I started to heal others who have pain.