Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unknown Danger (2): Bed and Pillow

If your bed has spring coils inside, your body to receive electrical-magnetic field from your bedroom electrical outlet and devices become much higher than a foam and/or futon bed.

Every metal including spring coils inside of bed has a character of drawing electrical magnetic field.

So if you sleep on a bed with spring coil not only for 1 but 5, 10, or 20 years, chances of developing complicated diseases including cancer later in your life becomes much higher.

It becomes more dangerous if coils are not finished pointing downward but outward, the area close to this coil you sleep on receives electrical magnetic field directly..

If the area you receiving electrical magnetic field is ovary, for an example, the chances of developing ovarian cancer becomes much higher than those who are not.

The safe and healthy bed is Futon and/or the firm foam beds. Hopefully, a futon is made of cotton and not too soft or too thick. Hopefully, a foam bed is made from not too many chemically processed materials.

These beds are often not the most comfortable but safe and healthy

A pillow should be comfortable height and firm. Again, hopefully, it is made out of healthy materials but, not too much synthetic materials because often time, we breath through pillow unconsciously at night.

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